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9th October 2023

Right, now that the elephant has left the room, we don’t know about you but we could certainly do with some positivity right now & we hope that we can count on you to join us in one hell of a big celebration of all things hicce?

Our ‘you know what, fuck it, let’s go out in style’ moment came recently. So here is the deal, good people:

We personally invite everyone that has joined us (and those that never had the chance) over the past almost 6 years, anyone that has enjoyed the food, the drinks, the team, the experience to embrace it one or as many times as you damn well please. From October until our last service we are rewinding the clock to 2018 and bringing back some classic dishes & drinks from our repertoire.

We will be serving our experience menu at lunch and dinner, but we are taking it back to our roots, the dishes, the drinks and the price.

Lunch experience £25pp (£50pp with wine not)

Dinner experience £50pp (£75pp with wine not)

If you already have a booking, our reservations team will be in touch and if you would like to reserve a table, please give us a call on 0203 869 8200 or email us at Who knows, maybe we’ll have a few cameos from our hicce family legends (you know who you are)…


27th September 2023

The very idea that we would be conveying the following message had seemed inconceivable for us, even with a global pandemic, which brought with it the multiple closures and reopenings of our business, still in recent memory. Add to this train strikes, the current economic climate, staffing challenges, rising costs and utility price hikes, we have somehow managed to navigate through, not completely unscathed, but certainly still intact.

Unfortunately, whilst presenting our planned investment to the estate landlord just over 18 months ago, we were rather unceremoniously made aware that a break clause had been activated in our landlord’s lease, ultimately affecting ours. We were offered what turned out to be false hope that we had the possibility to remain, and potentially secure a new long-term lease. While we have tried to negotiate and secure our future either in our current home or a potential new location within Coal Drops Yard, this final hurdle has proven to be the biggest and ultimately, insurmountable.

This certainly is not the end of the hicce journey.

December 2023 will see our final service, although the exact date has not been confirmed just yet. We will keep you posted on how we intend to celebrate our almost 6 years in our original home.

Many great hospitality businesses have been unable to survive the events of the last three years. Hicce has not only survived, it has thrived. Ours is certainly not a story of an unsuccessful, unprofitable business.

Unfortunately for us, this seems to have not been enough.

Pip & Gordy   |   0203 869 8200

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