the ol’ rib n pickle

a hicce hart x ten locks collaboration

still feeling naughty, even after a weekend of debauchery? get down to the hart on tuesday 21st march for a bit of the ol’ rib n pickle..

with st patrick’s day and the six nations final looming large this weekend, we’re expecting a few heavy heads early next week. there’s no better cure than the hair of the dog – and we’re not talking about any old mutt at the hart.

we’ve partnered with ten locks to create a cocktail that’s next level. mastercrafter Phoebe will be here to spice up your life – showing you the marvelous mix of Redwood Empire’s Lost Monarch blended whiskey, hot honey syrup and pickled jalapeños that makes up this warming, sweet and spicy highball.

of course, it’s tuesday, so why not grab some of our delicious beef ribs as well for only £10pp from 6-8pm? banish that hangover for good!

so what do you say – we’ve got the ribs, we’ve got the drinks and we’re looking for a third… will you join us?

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