the perfect sunday

picture this...

you’ve had a busy weekend, so relaxation is key. enjoy a lie-in in the morning, but get ready for a brunch that’ll tempt you from bed. we take brunching very seriously at hicce – our sunday menu marries breakfast and lunch in delicious harmony.

of course, we couldn’t forget the most important meal of the day. the main event. the roast. we serve up a delicious offering all afternoon, in the style only hicce can do. enjoy puddings and gravy aplenty, and let us do all the work.

taste buds satiated, and worries at bay – round off the weekend with some banging tunes and a few cheeky drinks out on the terrace. through the evening sundowners will be in full swing. we’ll soundtrack your sunset with the very best funk, soul, disco and r&b, with a voices radio dj dishing up this ultimate all-vinyl soundtrack to keep you in the groove and squeeze every second out of the weekend.

so make your sunday the perfect antidote to melancholy – rally the squad and get to the best spot in town and soak up every bit of summer. make your sunday more.

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