the skillfully unskilled

priti amazing really

After working our way up through the ranks, absorbing and utilising all the knowledge and skills to eventually become confident enough to risk it all and open our own business, it’s bewildering to now find ourselves and our team valued as ‘unskilled.’

When we were hatching the hicce “master plan”, one of our biggest priorities was (and still is) to invest in our people, both professionally and personally. In order for our business to be successful, we must have an engaged, knowledgeable and talented group of individuals, who continually strive to deliver exceptional service every single day. So when your perfectly cooked dish or that delightful cocktail, described to perfection as it is expertly delivered accompanied by the friendliest of smiles at eight pm on a Saturday night, believe me it did not simply arrive in the building that way.

We have an eight hours per month designated training program that all our team complete to help us deliver that seamless experience, in order to ensure your expectations are not just met, but exceeded. Training can focus on any number of areas, whether it be learning all the individual qualities of the 50 odd organic and bio-dynamic wines that make up our unique wine list, creation and implementation of seasonal menu changes, comprehensive knowledge of menu item ingredients, allergens and dietaries, mock services to drill in the service cycle that creates our standards of service and WSET diploma courses on distilled spirits.

When the service you receive looks easy, it is because these guys are talented, well trained, knowledgeable, passionate and motivated individuals at the top of their game.

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